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More writing.

Read or Download these PDFs by clicking on their links.

Visualizing Time
An exploration of how I visualize the time dimension.

The Empty Cage; Dealing with a little death
I wrote this after the death of a dear pet.

These are two tracts of poems I wrote and self-published when I lived in California.

Heaping Abuse on the Master

Trips to a Far Cafe

This is my third book of poems (just published)... and you can download it and any item on this page, free.

love notes and other insolence

Poet's Corner

Beware the hand of governance.
It's only agenda is
it's own sustenance.

The promise of democracy
was a dream of dead Greeks.

That, too, died when
hemlock was prescribed
for the most brilliant
of them all.

©2009 J.L. Adams

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